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David Davidovich Burliuk. Beach life
Beach life
David Davidovich Burliuk
Start XX centuries
Marco Dzoppo. The Madonna and child surrounded by eight angels
The Madonna and child surrounded by eight angels
Marco Dzoppo
73×89 cm
Paul Cezanne. Mount Sainte-Victoire
Mount Sainte-Victoire
Paul Cezanne
1888, 47×30 cm
Osip Lyubich. Pew
Iveta Lvovna Salganik. Winter in the village
Winter in the village
Gabriele Münter. Colorful road in October
Colorful road in October
Gabriele Münter
1959, 50×36 cm
Joseph Mikhailovich Levin. Abstract composition
Abstract composition
Margaret Kin. The blonde at the table
The blonde at the table
Lee Krasner. Euphorbia
Lee Krasner
1955, 209.5×146.6 cm
Abram Anshelevich Manevich. Autumn scene
Autumn scene
Abram Anshelevich Manevich
1930, 45.7×61 cm
Piero della Francesca. The Madonna and child
The Madonna and child
Piero della Francesca
XV century, 62×53 cm
Piero della Francesca. The mother of God
The mother of God
Maurice Denis. Meeting
Maurice Denis
1892, 37×33 cm
Rothko Mark. Beginner
Rothko Mark
1949, 26.7×20.3 cm
Fedor Andreevich Bronnikov. Charges to the crown
Charges to the crown


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