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Pigs, wild boars, piglets

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From Bosch and Rembrandt to Paul Gauguin and Mikhail Larionov. From parables to proverbs. From Japanese prints to the Soviet poster. Realistic and fantastic. Eerie and funny. 2019 is the year of the Pig. This is an…
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Alfred James Mannings. Pigs in the forest
Pigs in the forest
Charles Vess. CIRCE and her pigs
CIRCE and her pigs
Helme Heine. Pig chicken
Pig chicken
Helme Heine. Mouse and pig
Mouse and pig
Helme Heine. Pig and chicken
Pig and chicken
Helme Heine. Pig jumps
Pig jumps
Posters USSR. And they say that we're pigs
And they say that we're pigs
Peter Brest van Kempen. Kitauchi pigs and Gabon Viper
Kitauchi pigs and Gabon Viper
Jamie Wyeth. Pig night
Pig night
Jamie Wyeth
1979, 76×76 cm
Jamie Wyeth. The pig near the railroad
The pig near the railroad
Jamie Wyeth
1977, 60×91 cm
Jamie Wyeth. Running pig
Running pig
Jamie Wyeth
1979, 64×93 cm
John Frederick Herring. Cows, pigs and horses
Cows, pigs and horses
Franz Mark. Pigs
Franz Mark
1912, 58×83 cm
Beryl Cook. Pig in a wheelbarrow
Pig in a wheelbarrow
Jamie Wyeth. Portrait of a pig
Portrait of a pig
Jamie Wyeth
1970, 122×213 cm


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