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Pigs, wild boars, piglets

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From Bosch and Rembrandt to Paul Gauguin and Mikhail Larionov. From parables to proverbs. From Japanese prints to the Soviet poster. Realistic and fantastic. Eerie and funny. 2019 is the year of the Pig. This is an…
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Adrian Jans van Ostade. A farmer with a pig
A farmer with a pig
Adrian Jans van Ostade
1644, 27.1×25.3 cm
Isaac Jans van Ostade. Pigs
Isaac Jans van Ostade
1640-th , 39×34.5 cm
Cornelis Dyusart. The peasants holding the pig
The peasants holding the pig
Cornelis Dyusart
1680-th , 10.2×11 cm
Jamie Wyeth. The pig and the train
The pig and the train
Jamie Wyeth
1978, 61×87 cm
Franz Mark. Pigs
Jamie Wyeth. Pig
Jamie Wyeth
1970, 35.5×27.9 cm
Peter Brueghel the Younger. Man and pig. Illustration of the saying "to Scatter roses before swine"
Man and pig. Illustration of the saying "to Scatter roses before swine"
Peter Brueghel the Younger
1616, 17×17 cm
Thomas Gainsborough. Girl with pigs farmhouse
Girl with pigs farmhouse
Thomas Gainsborough
1786, 98×124 cm
Victor Nikolaevich Denis. Pig, trained in Paris
Pig, trained in Paris
Victor Nikolaevich Denis
1920, 48×33 cm
Leonora Carrington. People and pigs
People and pigs
Leonora Carrington
1975, 59×82.8 cm
Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Still life with a pig (Cook)
Still life with a pig (Cook)
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
1570, 53×41 cm
Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Cook (still life with a pig)
Cook (still life with a pig)
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
1570, 53×41 cm
Thomas Gainsborough. Girl with piglets
Girl with piglets
Michael haig. The three little pigs
The three little pigs
Angela Moulton. Flying pig
Flying pig
Angela Moulton
XXI century, 30.4×30.4 cm
Angela Moulton. Pig
Angela Moulton
XXI century, 15×15 cm


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