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Poppies painting

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Olga Vizinger-Florian. Blühender Mohn
Blühender Mohn
Olga Vizinger-Florian
1900, 70×98 cm
Luis Ricardo Phalero. Woman butterfly
Woman butterfly
Luis Ricardo Phalero
1888, 100×54 cm
Cuno Amiè. Maki and gloxinia
Maki and gloxinia
Cuno Amiè
1934, 92×60 cm
Cuno Amiè. Still life: poppies
Still life: poppies
Cuno Amiè
1939, 98×91 cm
John Constable. Maquis. Sketch
Maquis. Sketch
John Constable
1832, 40.6×22.9 cm
Cuno Amiè. Poppies in blue vase
Poppies in blue vase
Cuno Amiè
1908, 60.5×54.5 cm
Pierre Bonnard. A bouquet of wild flowers
A bouquet of wild flowers
Pierre Bonnard
1916, 64×54 cm
Pierre Bonnard. Poppies in a vase
Poppies in a vase
Pierre Bonnard
1926, 75×41 cm
Jan Davids de Hem. Vase with flowers
Vase with flowers
Jan Davids de Hem
1660, 69.6×56.5 cm
Gabriele Münter. Poppies
Gabriele Münter
1959, 62×49 cm
Gabriele Münter. Summer flowers on a black background
Summer flowers on a black background
Gabriele Münter
1951, 70×49 cm
Gabriele Münter. Daisies and poppies
Daisies and poppies
Gabriele Münter
1954, 45×33 cm
Emil Nolde. Vase with poppies
Vase with poppies
Emil Nolde
1907, 46×34 cm
Emil Nolde. Bouquet with poppies
Bouquet with poppies
Emil Nolde
33×45 cm
Otto Marceus van Scriec. Still life with poppy, insects, and reptiles
Still life with poppy, insects, and reptiles
Otto Marceus van Scriec
1670, 68×52 cm
Emil Nolde. Maki
Nina Panyukova. Scarlet poppies
Scarlet poppies
Nina Panyukova
2017, 40×45 cm
Lila Cabot Perry. Screen with poppies
Screen with poppies
Lila Cabot Perry
1915, 101.6×76.2 cm
Irina Vladimirovna Kashinskaya. "Poppies". Perfume and Cologne
"Poppies". Perfume and Cologne
Henri Fantin-Latour. Poppies in a vase
Poppies in a vase
Henri Fantin-Latour
1891, 60×53.2 cm


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