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Cocks, hens, chickens

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Jan Steen. The return of the prodigal son
The return of the prodigal son
Jan Steen
1670-th , 79×99.8 cm
Jamie Wyeth. Corn flakes
Corn flakes
Jamie Wyeth
1985, 71×55 cm
Elizabeth Gardner Bugro. The farmer's daughter
The farmer's daughter
Elizabeth Gardner Bugro
XIX century, 170×97 cm
Lowell Herrero. Family farm
Family farm
Jacob Jordaens. Peasant satyr
Peasant satyr
Jacob Jordaens
1620-th , 188.5×168 cm
Ivan General. Village care
Village care
Theophile-Alexander Steinlen. "Cocorico"
Theophile-Alexander Steinlen
1899, 135×100 cm
Theophile-Alexander Steinlen. The drawing for the cover of the magazine "Cocorico"
The drawing for the cover of the magazine "Cocorico"
Theophile-Alexander Steinlen
1890-th , 8.9×14 cm
Petr Petrovich Konchalovsky. The cock in the basket
The cock in the basket
Petr Petrovich Konchalovsky
1930, 76×63 cm
Victor Ivanovich Zaretsky. Winter in the village
Winter in the village
Victor Ivanovich Zaretsky
1983, 94×145 cm
Franz Marc. Portrait of a farmer's wife with chicken
Portrait of a farmer's wife with chicken
Franz Marc
1906, 70×50 cm
Henrietta Ronner Knip. Ass and cock in the barn
Ass and cock in the barn
Gabrielle Metsu. Still life with cock
Still life with cock
Gabrielle Metsu
1658, 57×40 cm
Marc Chagall. Yellow village
Yellow village
Marc Chagall
1968, 73.5×50.2 cm
Marc Chagall. Man-cock over Vitebsk
Man-cock over Vitebsk
Marc Chagall
1925, 49×64.5 cm
Kirill (Karl) Vikentievich Lemoh. Girl feeding chickens
Girl feeding chickens
Pablo Picasso. A dead cock Bank
A dead cock Bank
Simha Natanovich Guetsky. Coop
Simha Natanovich Guetsky
AD, 60×80 cm
Paul Gauguin. Coop
Paul Gauguin
1875, 22×33.5 cm
Norman Rockwell. Racer
Norman Rockwell
XX century


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