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GREENERY - the most fashionable shade of 2017

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The main shade of 2017, the experts of the Pantone color Institute has named a yellow-green shade called greenery (fresh, refreshing herbs). Get inspired!

Vincent van Gogh. Meadow in the mountains
Meadow in the mountains
Vincent van Gogh
December 1889, 73×91.5 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Garden in Auvers
Garden in Auvers
Vincent van Gogh
July 1890, 64×80 cm
Vincent van Gogh. The sower
The sower
Vincent van Gogh
November 1888, 32.5×40 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Pine trees and dandelions in the garden of the hospital of St. Paul
Pine trees and dandelions in the garden of the hospital of St. Paul
Vincent van Gogh
May 1890, 72×90 cm
Vincent van Gogh. The olive harvest
The olive harvest
Vincent van Gogh
December 1889, 73×92 cm
Vincent van Gogh. The sower in sunset light
The sower in sunset light
Vincent van Gogh
November 1888, 73×92 cm
Gustav Klimt. The Golden Apple tree
The Golden Apple tree
Gustav Klimt
1903, 100×100 cm
Gustav Klimt. Blooming fields in Litzlberg
Blooming fields in Litzlberg
Gustav Klimt
1905, 110×110 cm
Robert Rafailovich Falk. Lisa sun
Lisa sun
Robert Rafailovich Falk
1907, 81×94 cm


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