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Pan Yulyan. Bathing
Valery Viktorovich Podgursky 1921 - 1990. Street life China
Street life China
Pierre Bonnard. Woman slumbering on the bed
Woman slumbering on the bed
Pierre Bonnard
1899, 96×106 cm
Marc Chagall. Over the city
Over the city
Marc Chagall
1918, 141×197 cm
Angela Jerich. Baba Klava FOREVER
Baba Klava FOREVER
Angela Jerich. Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Lucien Freud. Social Warden is sleeping
Social Warden is sleeping
Lucien Freud
1995, 219×314.2 cm
Frida Kahlo. Only a few scratches!
Only a few scratches!
Frida Kahlo
1935, 30×40 cm


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