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Lena Malezhenkova
Lena Malezhenkova
Moscow, 46 years old
Konstantin Makovsky. Arab in a turban
Arab in a turban
Konstantin Makovsky
1882, 64.5×54 cm
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Konstantin Korovin. Portrait Of Z. N. Pepper
Konstantin Korovin. A bouquet of paper roses
Konstantin Korovin. Roses, fruit, wine
Roses, fruit, wine
Konstantin Korovin
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Ara Ghevondian. Vintage jugs
Vintage jugs
Ara Ghevondian
2013, 70×90 cm
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Vladimir Ananievich Petrov. Bouquet
Alexander Vladimirovich Gorbikov. Beer and crawfish
120,000.00 ₽
OLEG Alekseevich DEMKO. FART
Rashit Talgatovich Safiullin. Sviazhsky flowers on a black background
Adriana Solomonovna Magidson (01.05.1906 - 1981). Golden balls
200,000.00 ₽
Golden balls
Adriana Solomonovna Magidson (01.05.1906 - 1981)
1961, 50×70 cm
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Yuri Leonardovich Uzhdavini. Two clay and two fruits
15,000.00 ₽
Katerina Sergeevna Troshkova (Smirnova). Dandelions on the palette
1,500.00 ₽
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