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Dmitriy Borshchev
Moscow, 40 years
Dmitriy Borshchev
added artworks to the selection 1
Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto). Grand canal
Fedor Mikhailovich Matveyev. View Of Rome. Colosseum
Charles-Louis Klerisso. Arch of Titus in Rome
Maria Knull. Terrace with views of Rome
Jose Ben lure-i-Gil. Carnival in Rome
Ivan Aivazovsky. Venice by the Lido
Raffaella Spence. Venice
Franz Richard Unterberger. Venice
Franz Richard Unterberger. Rio Santa Barnaba, Venice
Franz Richard Unterberger. The Grand canal, Venice
Joseph Mallord William Turner. Venice. Dogana and Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore
Franz Richard Unterberger. Rio San Geronimo, Venezia
Joseph Mallord William Turner. Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute in Venice
Gustave Moreau. Triumph of bacchus
Camille Corot. Venetian gondola on the Grand Canal
Henri Edmond Cross. Cathedral of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice
Francesco Guardi. View of the Venetian lagoon with the tower of Mulger
Antoine Bouvard. Venetian canal
Francois Antoine Bossuete. The Grand canal in Venice
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Claude Joseph Vernet. The view of the Bay of Naples
Alexander Andreevich Ivanov. Naples from Posillipo road
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Dmitriy Borshchev
added artworks to the selection 1
Giorgione. Judith
Giorgione. Holy family
Giorgione. Nymphs, children and shepherds against the backdrop of the landscape
Vincent van Gogh. Night cafe in Arles
Charles-Joseph Natuar. Beauty ignites the flame of love
Kouapel Noel. The Apotheosis Of Hercules
Francois Boucher. St. Peter, trying to go about it
Peter Paul Rubens. The Coronation Of The Madonna
Gerard van Honthorst. The merry Fiddler
Diego Velazquez. Equestrian portrait of Duke de Olivares
Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio. Bacchus
Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio. A young man with a lute
Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio. Boy with a basket of fruit
Domenichino. The capture of Mary Magdalene into heaven
France Snyders. Fish shop
France Snyders. The maid with boy
Peter Paul Rubens. Two satyrs
Peter Paul Rubens. Three Graces
Peter Paul Rubens. Victory and death in battle the Consul Decius Musa
Peter Paul Rubens. Venus and Adonis
Jose de Ribera. Virgin
Antoine Quail. Allegory of the glory of Louis XIV
Peter Paul Rubens. Hunting for tigers and lions
Luca Giordano. Journey of Jacob to Canaan
Orazio Gentileski. The Finding Of Moses
Tanya Vorontsova. "Peonies"
Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov. Lilac
Jakob van Hülsdonk. Still life of tulips, roses, bluebells, daffodils, peonies and other flowers in a glass vase
Suray Muradovna Akmuradova. Grenades
25 000 ₽
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. The return of farmer
Franz Kruger. Landscape with mountains and castle in Salzburg
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. A bouquet of flowers
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Francois Boucher. Landscape with a watermill
Francois Boucher. Sunrise
Francois Boucher. A volcano handing Venus a weapon for Aeneas
Francois Boucher. Frontispiece
Francois Boucher. Pygmalion and Galatea
Francois Boucher. Rinaldo and Armida
Francois Boucher. Christ and John the Baptist
Francois Boucher. Diana after the hunt
Francois Boucher. Leda and the Swan
Francois Boucher. Summer pastoral.
Francois Boucher. The flight into Egypt
Francois Boucher. Farm
Francois Boucher. Landscape with a hermit. Brother Luce
Francois Boucher. Lovers in the Park
Francois Boucher. Autumn pastoral
Francois Boucher. Birdcage
Francois Boucher. Venus on the wave
Francois Boucher. Hunting tigers
Francois Boucher. Leda and the Swan
Annibale Carracci. Adam and eve
Annibale Carracci. Madonna in the clouds
Annibale Carracci. Hunting
Annibale Carracci. Christmas
Annibale Carracci. Bathing
Annibale Carracci. Dormition Of The Theotokos
Annibale Carracci. Venus, Adonis and Cupid
Annibale Carracci. Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne
Ohara Koson. Bird on a branch
Ohara Koson. White flowers
Ohara Koson. Birds 103
Ohara Koson. Fish 7
Ohara Koson. Birds 90
Ohara Koson. Grasshopper
Ohara Koson. Birds 87
Ohara Koson. Birds 83
Ohara Koson. Fish 6
Ohara Koson. Birds 71
Ohara Koson. Camellia drawing
Ohara Koson. Wasps and praying mantis
Ohara Koson. Fish 4
Ohara Koson. Birds 64
Ohara Koson. Birds 63
Ohara Koson. Birds 58
Ohara Koson. Sunflower
Ohara Koson. Flowers under the moon
Ohara Koson. Birds 44
Ohara Koson. Wisteria and bee
Ohara Koson. Jumping carp
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Ivan Aivazovsky. View on Moscow from Sparrow hills
Ivan Aivazovsky. View Of Yalta
Ivan Aivazovsky. Look in Oreanda
Ivan Aivazovsky. The view from the Park of Livadia in Yalta
Ivan Aivazovsky. Schooner under sail
Ivan Aivazovsky. Storm. Sailboat
Ivan Aivazovsky. Stormy coast
Ivan Aivazovsky. Calm
Ivan Aivazovsky. Morning on the beach. Sudak
Ivan Aivazovsky. Morning on the sea
Ivan Aivazovsky. View Of Cairo
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sunset over the island of Ischia
Salvador Dali. Scene in a cabaret in Madrid
Francois Boucher. Captive Amur
Francois Boucher. Jupiter and Callisto
Francois Boucher. Mill
Francois Boucher. Hercules and Omphale
Francois Boucher. Portrait of Madame de Pompadour
Francois Boucher. Landscape with the brother Luca
Francois Boucher. Collectors cherry
Francois Boucher. Venus consoling Love
Francois Boucher. Fountain of love
Francois Boucher. The triumph of Venus (fragment)
Francois Boucher. The Rape Of Europa
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Joseph Mallord William Turner. Last voyage of the frigate "Brave"
Ivan Aivazovsky. The ninth wave
Ivan Aivazovsky. Rainbow
Ivan Aivazovsky. Calm. View of Capri (Mediterranean)
Ivan Aivazovsky. Among the waves
Ivan Aivazovsky. Marina
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Italian landscape. The evening
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Golden horn. The Bosphorus
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sunset on the sea
Ivan Aivazovsky. Crimean view
Ivan Aivazovsky. Storm on the sea at night
Ivan Aivazovsky. Gondolier at sea by night
Ivan Aivazovsky. The black sea fleet in Feodosiya
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sailboat
Ivan Aivazovsky. Goodbye
Ivan Aivazovsky. Ship in a stormy sea
Ivan Aivazovsky. Moonlit night
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sea view
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sea view
Ivan Aivazovsky. Shepherds with their flock at sunset
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Form Of The Crimea
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Bay of Naples at moonlit night
Ivan Aivazovsky. At the Crimean coast
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sunset
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Bay of Naples
Ivan Aivazovsky. A coffee shop in Crimea
Ivan Aivazovsky. Winter scene in Ukraine
Ivan Aivazovsky. Ukrainian oxcart in winter
Ivan Aivazovsky. Venice by the Lido
Ivan Aivazovsky. Plowing the fields. Crimea
Ivan Aivazovsky. A. S. Pushkin on the top of AI-Petri mountain at sunrise
Ivan Aivazovsky. Viking Saga: the way from Varangians to Greeks
Ivan Aivazovsky. The arrival of a flotilla of Columbus
Ivan Aivazovsky. Ayu-Dag on a foggy day
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sea Strait with the lighthouse
Ivan Aivazovsky. Sunset. Crimea
Ivan Aivazovsky. Dariali gorge
Ivan Aivazovsky. The Eastern scene. Coffee house by the Ortakoy mosque in Constantinople
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