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Vitaly Sitnitsky
Skofljica, 36 years old
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«Как бы купить на грош пятаков? Бы»
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Constantine Socks. Pool decor
Pool decor
Constantine Socks
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Constantine Socks
Angel with flute
Tree of Life
Presentation of the mosaic panel "Tree of Life" in the Social Initiatives Fund in Mumbai in India
Stained glass table
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Valerij Ivanovich Sosna
Dialectics of time
Autumn is coming
Slavic Cordiality
Grandfather’s accordion
Nadezhda Georgievna Shatskaya
Corner of the autumn park
Winter sun
Monastery at sunset
Yellow chrysanthemum
Andrew Voron. Smoke
Andrew Voron
2018, 130×100×4 cm
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