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Cheney di Pepo Cimabue. The Figure Of Christ
The Figure Of Christ
Cheney di Pepo Cimabue
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    Cheney di Pepo Cimabue. Maria
    Cheney di Pepo Cimabue. Mosaic of the Cathedral of Pisa, scene: Christ enthroned with Mary and John, detail: John
      Mary Cassatt. Maternal kiss
      Mary Cassatt. Boating
        Mary Cassatt. Margot in a big hat and a red dress
        Mary Cassatt. The woman in the bed
        Mary Cassatt. Lady at the tea table
        Lady at the tea table
        Mary Cassatt
        1885, 73.7×61 cm
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          Mary Cassatt. Maternal tenderness
          Mary Cassatt. Woman washing itself
            Mary Cassatt. Summer
            Mary Cassatt. Two women throwing flowers during carnival
              Mary Cassatt. Lamp
              Mary Cassatt. Family
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