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Anya Demina
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Emil Nolde
Emil Nolde
Paradise lost
Bright sea
Two on the beach
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    Fedor Pavlovich Reshetnikov. For the world!
    Jean-Etienne Liotard. The Chocolate Girl
    Emil Bernard
    Self portrait with a portrait of Gauguin
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      Jean Edouard Vuillard
      Madame Vuillard reading the newspaper
      Madame Vuillard in the living room
      The children in the room
      A young woman in the room
      Simone Martini
      Holy family
      Allegorical image of Virgil
      Triptych of the Annunciation of the Central part. The Virgin Mary. Left: St. Ansan Siena.
      The Altar Orsini. The Annunciation Of Mary
      The Altar Orsini. The angel of the Annunciation
        Giorgio Morandi
        Metaphysical still life
        Still life
        Plot 1
        Mikhail Vasilyevich Matyushin
        Portrait Of E. G. Guro
        Movement in space
        Song on the death of E. Guro
        Stack. Lakhta
        Non-objective composition
          Gerhard Richter. Betty
          Giorgio Morandi. Still life
            Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova
            Biased composition
            Still life
            Still-life with a jug and apples
            Green bar
            August Macke
            Bright house
            The Turkish coffee shop
            Tunis landscape with a seated Arab
            Merchant with jugs
              Bernard Buffet
              Femme au verre de vin
              D après Le sommeil Courbet
              La rascasse
              Le Buveur
              Alexander Grigoryevich Tyshler
              Sacco and Vanzetti
              Female portrait
              Makhnovshchina (Polye)
              From a lyrical cycle. No. 5
              The puppet show
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