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Egon Schiele

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Egon Schiele. Trees in autumn
Trees in autumn
Egon Schiele
1911, 79.5×80 cm
Egon Schiele. Seated woman with bent knee
Seated woman with bent knee
Egon Schiele. Krumau
Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele. Vorstadt
Egon Schiele. Agony
Egon Schiele. Krumau. Outskirts of town
Krumau. Outskirts of town
Egon Schiele
1918, 109.5×139.5 cm
Egon Schiele. The yellow city
The yellow city
Egon Schiele
1914, 110×140 cm
Egon Schiele. Portrait of a girl
Portrait of a girl
Egon Schiele
XX century
Egon Schiele. Krumau. Crescent I
Krumau. Crescent I
Egon Schiele
1915, 109.7×140 cm
Egon Schiele. Two of my scarves
Two of my scarves
Egon Schiele
1914, 48.2×31.7 cm
Egon Schiele. Krumau. Summer landscape
Krumau. Summer landscape
Egon Schiele. Girl in green dress
Girl in green dress
Egon Schiele. Small chestnut tree at lake Constance
Small chestnut tree at lake Constance
Egon Schiele
1912, 45.8×29.5 cm
Egon Schiele. Girl standing, wrapped in a blanket
Girl standing, wrapped in a blanket
Egon Schiele
1909, 140×52.7 cm
Egon Schiele. The monastery, houses and naked trees
The monastery, houses and naked trees
Egon Schiele
1907, 15.5×25.5 cm
Egon Schiele. Portrait Of Hugo Koller
Portrait Of Hugo Koller
Egon Schiele
1918, 140×110 cm
Egon Schiele. Homes near mountainside
Homes near mountainside
Egon Schiele
1907, 25.6×18.1 cm
Egon Schiele. Plum tree
Plum tree
Egon Schiele
1910, 57×50 cm
Egon Schiele. A tree in late autumn
A tree in late autumn
Egon Schiele
1911, 42×33.5 cm
Egon Schiele. Portrait Work Engel
Portrait Work Engel
Egon Schiele
1911, 100×100 cm


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