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Henri Matisse

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Henri Matisse. Girl with tulips
Girl with tulips
Henri Matisse
1910, 92×73.5 cm
Henri Matisse. Knife thrasher
Knife thrasher
Henri Matisse
1947, 80×126 cm
Henri Matisse. Red fish and sculpture
Red fish and sculpture
Henri Matisse
1911, 100.5×116.2 cm
Henri Matisse. Application
Henri Matisse
1950, 60×40 cm
Henri Matisse. Arab coffee house
Arab coffee house
Henri Matisse
1913, 176×210 cm
Henri Matisse. Vase with two handles
Vase with two handles
Henri Matisse
1907, 74×61 cm
Henri Matisse. Still life with books and candle
Still life with books and candle
Henri Matisse
1890, 38×45 cm
Henri Matisse. Nasturtiums. Panel The Dance
Nasturtiums. Panel The Dance
Henri Matisse
1912, 193×114 cm
Henri Matisse. The conversation
The conversation
Henri Matisse
1909, 177×217 cm
Henri Matisse. Luxury, peace and pleasure
Luxury, peace and pleasure
Henri Matisse
1904, 118×98 cm
Henri Matisse. Goldfish
Henri Matisse
1912, 147×98 cm
Henri Matisse. Gulf of Saint-Tropez
Gulf of Saint-Tropez
Henri Matisse
1904, 8×6.3 cm
Henri Matisse. Peonies
Henri Matisse
1923, 45×55 cm
Henri Matisse. Music
Henri Matisse
1910, 260×389 cm
Henri Matisse. Harmony in red
Harmony in red
Henri Matisse
1908, 180×221 cm
Henri Matisse. Raised Knee
Raised Knee
Henri Matisse
1922, 38.3×46.5 cm
Henri Matisse. Pink nude
Pink nude
Henri Matisse
1935, 66×920 cm
Henri Matisse. Dance (II)
Dance (II)
Henri Matisse
1910, 260×391 cm
Henri Matisse. Corner of the Artist's Studio
Corner of the Artist's Studio
Henri Matisse
1912, 191.5×114 cm
Henri Matisse. Spanish Woman with a Tambourine
Spanish Woman with a Tambourine
Henri Matisse
1909, 92×73 cm


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