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Anna Vcherashnyaya
41 years art connoisseur
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This week, the Zaragoza Museum presented three newly-discovered paintings, one of which (“The Ghost Vision”) belongs to Francisco Goya, and the other two to the artists of his circle Francisco Bayeu and Antonio González Velazquez. The picture of Goya depicts a demonic creature in a dark cloak, with long hair and horns, accompanied by two other lesser demons in front of a group of human figures.
The “Ghost Vision” was previously only known for its black and white photograph, which appeared in 1928 in the monographic issue of Aragon magazine, dedicated to the centenary of Goya's death. All this time the picture was kept in private hands. Donors, to whom the Zaragoza Museum expressed deep appreciation, wished to remain anonymous.

This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
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