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Lubov Nosova
Kyiv art connoisseur
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Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel. The demon sitting
The demon sitting
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel
1890, 116.5×213.8 cm

Natalya Kandaurova
, 17 January 2017 07:29 PM 2
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Claude Monet. Effet de neige à Giverny
Claude Monet. Breakfast on the grass (the surviving fragments)
Claude Monet. Waterloo Bridge, temps gris (Waterloo Bridge, gray weather)
Edouard Manet. Sea in Stormy Weather
Original   Auto-Translated
Родные арт-дилера Поля Дюран-Рюэля (в том числе сын и невестка) с Клодом Моне на берегу пруда с лилиями. 1900 год
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Claude Monet. The bridge at Argenteuil
The bridge at Argenteuil
Claude Monet
60×79.7 cm
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Edouard Manet. Eva Gonzalez
Edouard Manet. The Escape Of Rochefort
Edouard Manet. Vase of white lilacs and roses
Edouard Manet. Cat date
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