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Nina Sergeevna Malygina
Nina Malygina
added artworks to the selection Albertina
Albrecht Durer. Little owl
Edgar Degas. Dancers
Claude Monet. A pond with water lilies
Hieronymus Bosch. Tree man
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Henri Matisse. Parrot tulips
Parrot tulips
Henri Matisse
1905, 46×55 cm
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    Hieronymus Bosch. Tree man
    Hieronymus Bosch. Beehive and witches
      Henri Matisse. Parrot tulips
      Hieronymus Bosch. Beehive and witches. The reverse side of the picture
        Henri Matisse
        Pink nude
        Sleeping nude from the back
        Sunflowers in a vase
        The lady on the terrace
        Edgar Degas
        Three dancers
        Dancers in pink between the scenes
          Peter Paul Rubens
          Three Graces
          Tournament near the castle
          The adoration of the Magi
          Portrait Of Isabella Brant
          A cycle of paintings for Marie de Medici, the French Queen. Prosperity of France under the Regency of Marie de Medici, sketch
          Pierre-Auguste Renoir
          Girl with a mandolin
            Peter Paul Rubens. Portrait of the Infanta Isabella
            Peter Paul Rubens. Son Of Nikolaus Rubens
              Peter Paul Rubens. Portrait Of Nicholas Rubens
              Peter Paul Rubens. The Sacrifice Of Abraham
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