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частная коллекция

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Frits Thaulow. River landscape.
River landscape.
Frits Thaulow
Henry Olsson. "Moose's by the lake"
"Moose's by the lake"
Henry Olsson
Unknown artist. Bridge of Sighs.
Bridge of Sighs.
Unknown artist
XX century
Unknown artist. Landscape of Northern Norway.
Landscape of Northern Norway.
Alexander Solomonovich Zhytomyr. Georgian Military Highway
Georgian Military Highway
Unknown artist. Still life with crocuses.
Still life with crocuses.
Otto Bache. "I Vandmøllegaarden"
"I Vandmøllegaarden"
Otto Bache
Joan Rifa Benet. Untitled.
Francis Chesham. History of England.
History of England.
Unknown artist. Cave painting.
Cave painting.
Unknown artist. "Rue St. Romain In Rouen".
"Rue St. Romain In Rouen".
Michael Shemyakin. Carnival at St. Petersburg.
Carnival at St. Petersburg.
Michael Shemyakin
XX century
Unknown artist. Berlin, Brandenburger Tor.
Berlin, Brandenburger Tor.
Unknown artist
XX century
Johan Nordhagen. "Man with pipe".
"Man with pipe".
Эмиль Пап. Girl with an apple.
Girl with an apple.
Samuel Curtis. Andromeda mariana.
Andromeda mariana.
Samuel Curtis
Unknown artist. Surrealism.
Odd Jacobsen. Winter landscape.
Winter landscape.
Unknown artist. The Bathers.
The Bathers.
Unknown artist
XX century
Unknown artist. Untitled.


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