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Étretat in paintings

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Claude Monet. Manport, tide
Manport, tide
Claude Monet
1886, 65×81 cm
Gustave Courbet. The beach in Etretat
The beach in Etretat
Gustave Courbet
162×133 cm
Lila Cabot Perry. Cliffs of Etretat
Cliffs of Etretat
Lila Cabot Perry
65.4×81.3 cm
Jean Francis Ouurten. Bird’s-eye View of Cliffs and Boats
Bird’s-eye View of Cliffs and Boats
Jean Francis Ouurten
1898, 32.8×47.2 cm
Jean Francis Ouurten. L'Aiguille d'Étretat, red sky
L'Aiguille d'Étretat, red sky
Jean Francis Ouurten
1898, 50.5×66.6 cm
Jean Francis Ouurten. The Manneporte at Étretat
The Manneporte at Étretat
Jean Francis Ouurten
1898, 33×47 cm
Jean Francis Ouurten. Needle of Étretat at Sunset
Needle of Étretat at Sunset
Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. Fishing boat. Étretat. Normandy
Fishing boat. Étretat. Normandy
Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov
1874, 39×64 cm


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