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Edvard Munch. Summer Night
Summer Night
Edvard Munch
1902, 115.5×101.5 cm
Edvard Munch. Head by Head
Head by Head
Edvard Munch. (no title)
(no title)
Edvard Munch
1899, 24.9×19.1 cm
Edvard Munch. Mar Sandal
Mar Sandal
Edvard Munch
1902, 63.5×31.7 cm
Edvard Munch. Kiss
Edvard Munch
1895, 33×27.7 cm
Edvard Munch. Life and death
Life and death
Edvard Munch
1902, 17.8×12.7 cm
Edvard Munch. Jealousy
Edvard Munch
1896, 47×56.5 cm
Edvard Munch. A woman in a red hat
A woman in a red hat
Edvard Munch
1893, 24×18 cm
Edvard Munch. Winter forest
Winter forest
Edvard Munch
1901, 60.5×90 cm
Edvard Munch. Winter in the forest
Winter in the forest
Edvard Munch
1899, 60.5×90 cm
Edvard Munch. Birch in the snow
Birch in the snow
Edvard Munch. Harpy
Edvard Munch
1899, 36.5×32 cm
Edvard Munch. Summer night on the beach
Summer night on the beach
Edvard Munch. The smell of death
The smell of death
Edvard Munch
1895, 100 cm
Edvard Munch. Bather
Edvard Munch
1918, 160×110 cm
Edvard Munch. Two people. Lonely
Two people. Lonely
Edvard Munch. Nude on knees
Nude on knees
Edvard Munch
1919, 100.3×120.7 cm
Edvard Munch. Self-portrait in Eckel
Self-portrait in Eckel
Edvard Munch
1926, 90×68 cm
Edvard Munch. Mower
Edvard Munch
1916, 130×150 cm
Edvard Munch. A flower of pain
A flower of pain
Edvard Munch
1897, 50×43 cm


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