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Olga Baturina
Almaty collector, , art connoisseur
Abylkhan Kasteevich Kasteev. Museum.Kasteev
Unknown artist. The Madonna and child
Marten Pepein. Parade
Unknown artist. The feast of Herod
Unknown artist. Baby
Unknown artist. The Madonna and child
Unknown artist. The Magi
Unknown artist. Locker
Guido Reni. Copy
Unknown artist. The merciful Samaritan
Franz Xaver Winterhalter. A lady with a carnation
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. David (copy)
Camille Corot. The banks of the Seine at Conflan
Camille Corot. Picardy Pond
Unknown artist. Portrait Of Paul I
Alexander Dmitrievich Litovchenko. The portrait of a lady in grey
Eugene Alexandrovich Lansere. Zaporozhets after the battle
Vardges Yakovlevich Surenyants. Abandoned
Anna Semyonovna Golubkina. Old age
Sergei Timofeevich Konenkov. Treefolk
Nikiforov SG. Children of Prince P. N. Trubetskoy
Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov. Girl with roses. Portrait of sister
Pavel Varfolomeevich Kuznetsov. Fountain
Pavel Varfolomeevich Kuznetsov. Kyrgyz boy
Aristarkh Vasilyevich Lentulov. Portrait of a young man in Panama
Unknown artist. Frame
Eugene Aleksandrovich Lviv. Dunya-tractor driver
Pavel Varfolomeevich Kuznetsov. Neftevyshki
Vasily Vasilievich Rozhdestvensky. Cabbage
Pavel Dmitrievich Korin. Portrait of an old man. M. K. Kholmogorov
Zhanatay Shardenov. Winter in the mountains
Zhanatay Shardenov. A plant in the desert
Zhanatay Shardenov. Kok Tobe
Vladimir (Voldemar) Alexandrovich Eyfert. Railway crossing
Vladimir (Voldemar) Alexandrovich Eyfert. Grandma dancing
Ali Askarovich Dzhusupov. A woman of my homeland
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