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Lucien Freud. Two Men
Two Men
Lucien Freud
1988, 106.7×75 cm
Lucien Freud. Naked Portrait
Naked Portrait
Lucien Freud
1972, 61×61 cm
Lucien Freud. The social caretaker is resting
The social caretaker is resting
Lucien Freud
1994, 150.5×161.2 cm
Lucien Freud. Nude man on the couch
Nude man on the couch
Lucien Freud
1985, 54.6×69.9 cm
Lucien Freud. Eight feet
Eight feet
Lucien Freud. Sleeping Social Worker II
Sleeping Social Worker II
Lucien Freud. Sleeping by the carpet with lions
Sleeping by the carpet with lions
Lucien Freud
1996, 63×36 cm
Lucien Freud. John milton
John milton
Lucien Freud
1952, 40×25.5 cm
Lucien Freud. Large interior
Large interior
Lucien Freud
1973, 91.5×91.5 cm
Lucien Freud. Boy's head
Boy's head
Lucien Freud
1952, 22×16 cm
Lucien Freud. Night portrait
Night portrait
Lucien Freud
1896, 92.8×76.3 cm
Lucien Freud. Girl's legs
Girl's legs
Lucien Freud
1988, 27×23 cm
Lucien Freud. Nude woman on sofa
Nude woman on sofa
Lucien Freud
1985, 60.5×51 cm
Lucien Freud. Blonde on the bed
Blonde on the bed
Lucien Freud
1987, 71×81 cm


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