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Claude Monet

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Claude Monet. Self-portrait in his Studio
Self-portrait in his Studio
Claude Monet
1884, 85×54 cm
Claude Monet. Boats in the port of Honfleur
Boats in the port of Honfleur
Claude Monet
1866, 49×65 cm
Claude Monet. The River Thames
The River Thames
Claude Monet. Sailboat at Petit-Gennevilliers
Sailboat at Petit-Gennevilliers
Claude Monet
56×74 cm
Claude Monet. Forty
Claude Monet
1869, 89×130 cm
Claude Monet. Impression. Sunrise
Impression. Sunrise
Claude Monet
1872, 48×63 cm
Claude Monet. Bay on the Seine near Argentea
Bay on the Seine near Argentea
Claude Monet
1872, 60×80.5 cm


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