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The first world

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Oskar Kokoschka. A knight errant (Self-portrait)
A knight errant (Self-portrait)
Oskar Kokoschka
1915, 180×89.5 cm
Fernand Leger. Soldier with a pipe
Soldier with a pipe
Fernand Leger
1916, 130×97 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Self-portrait in soldier's uniform
Self-portrait in soldier's uniform
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1915, 69.2×61 cm
Pablo Picasso. Portrait Of Guillaume Apollinaire
Portrait Of Guillaume Apollinaire
Egon Schiele. Portrait of a Russian prisoner of war Grigori's Clarisol
Portrait of a Russian prisoner of war Grigori's Clarisol
Egon Schiele. Corporal volunteer
Corporal volunteer
Egon Schiele
1916, 31×48 cm
August Macke. Goodbye
August Macke
130×101 cm
John Singer Sargent. Fumes
John Singer Sargent
1919, 231×611 cm
Otto Dix. War. Triptych
War. Triptych
Otto Dix
1932, 406×264 cm
Henri Matisse. French window at Collioure
French window at Collioure
Henri Matisse
1914, 67×51 cm


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