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Gomperz will "Obscure art. From Monet to Banksy"

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Paintings mentioned in the book

Takeshi Murakami. My lonesome cowboy
My lonesome cowboy
Piet Mondrian. Victory Boogie-woogie
Victory Boogie-woogie
Piet Mondrian
1944, 127.5×127.5 cm
Damien Hirst. The physical impossibility of death in consciousness living
The physical impossibility of death in consciousness living
Damien Hirst. The conditions for life
The conditions for life
Damien Hirst. Acetic anhydride (Acetic Anhydride)
Acetic anhydride (Acetic Anhydride)
Damien Hirst
1991, 169 cm
Gustave Caillebotte. Paris. Rainy day
Paris. Rainy day
Gustave Caillebotte
1877, 212×276 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Death Of Sardanapalus
Death Of Sardanapalus
Eugene Delacroix
1827, 392×496 cm
Dan Flavin. Green cross green
Green cross green
Donald Judd. Untitled
Donald Judd
1977, 101.6×78.7 cm
Lucho Fontana. Waiting
Lucho Fontana. Deposition
Yves Klein. Anthropometry 4
Anthropometry 4
Yves Klein
1960, 65×50 cm
Klas Oldenburg. Showcase cakes
Showcase cakes
Klas Oldenburg. Two cheeseburgers
Two cheeseburgers
(no name). Brush stroke
Brush stroke
(no name)
1965, 66×106.7 cm
Andy Warhol. Diptych Marilyn
Diptych Marilyn
Andy Warhol
1962, 205.4×289.5 cm
Andy Warhol. A can of soup, Campbells
A can of soup, Campbells
Robert Rauschenberg. Erased de Kooning drawing
Erased de Kooning drawing
Robert Rauschenberg
1953, 65×55 cm
Kazimir Malevich. Suprematism: white on white
Suprematism: white on white
Kazimir Malevich
1918, 78.7×78.7 cm


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