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Elizabeth Rogovskay
Kazan, 24 years old
    René Magritte. Rape
    René Magritte. The conditions of human existence
    Elizabeth Rogovskay
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    René Magritte. Rape
    René Magritte
    1948, 17.2×14.4 cm

    yuliya voloshinova
    , November 11, 2017 05:34 AM 11
    Original   Auto-Translated
    “The face serves to get closer to love, but it is embodied in the body. But they love the whole woman - both her face and body. However, in contrast to this, the torso superimposed on the face (the breasts look at you like eyes, the nose has atrophied into the navel, and the pubis-mouth seems twisted into a grimace) does not only bring the spirit into the body, but, on the contrary, means the degradation of a woman to the level of the object of sexual desire: blinded, dumb and deaf ".
    (Rene Magritte)
    This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.
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    Leonid Pronchenko. A GOOD DAY
    Leonid Pronchenko
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