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Цугухару Фудзита ( Леонар Фужита ). In a cafe
In a cafe
Цугухару Фудзита ( Леонар Фужита )
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Artemisia Gentileschi
Judith beheading Holofernes
Self portrait with lute
Judith and her maid
Susanna and the elders
Mary Magdalene
Цугухару Фудзита ( Леонар Фужита )
In a cafe
Portrait of a girl with a cat
Street musicians
Giovanni Bellini
Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredana
Portrait of a condottiere
Madonna with John the Baptist and an unknown Saint
Mary and child with St. Catherine and St. Magdalene
Fernand Leger
Cat woman
Mother and child
The composition with aloe
Kitagawa Utamaro
Girl blowing a whistle
The Hour Of The Horse
An hour of rain
Women make dresses 1-Triptych
Kees Van Dongen
Lucy and her partner
Red dancer
Woman in black hat
Femme fatale
Giorgio de Chirico. Orpheus the tired Troubadour
Kitagawa Utamaro. Courtesan
Leon Spilliaert
The woman standing
Belgium. Trees
Pond surrounded by trees. Winter
Giorgio de Chirico
In the boat
Love song
Riders and dogs
The darkness
Francis Picabia. Awakening
Francis Picabia. Women and the bulldog
Andrea Mantegna
Madonna with the saints
Portrait of cardinal Carlo de' Medici
The altar of the Church of San Zeno in Verona, triptych, right wing. STS. Benedict, Lawrence, Gregory and John the Baptist
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