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Paulis Peters Tchimurs
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Latvia, 73 year
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«učitel kulturologii»
učitel kulturologii
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Claude Monet. The Seine at Argenteuil
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Painting of Claude Monet "the Seine at Argenteuil" appears in the film, Cameron Crowe's "Vanilla sky" with Tom cruise in the lead role. The endless sky over the Seine, with this early work by French artist inspired by the creators of the film. However, this work could not be in a private collection, even the richest publisher in new York. Because all the time remained in France, and since 1951 is located in Museum collections. First - jeu de Paume, then the Louvre, now the Musee d'orsay.
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Andrey Kuzmin
, 23 May 2018 07:06 AM 0
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Отличная информация. Вот за такую "пикантную подробность" - особое спасибо. Приятно знать, что киношники бывают бестолочами. Сама по себе картина - большое небо и маленькие наземные мелочи. Хотя все-таки это не самая характерная для него работа. Здесь он реалист. -
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to the encyclopedia article Expressionism
Tatyana Somova
, 16 May 2018 06:35 AM 1
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