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René Magritte. Human condition
Human condition
René Magritte
1933, 100×81 cm
René Magritte. Midnight
René Magritte. The Domain of Arnheim
The Domain of Arnheim
René Magritte
1949, 100×81 cm
René Magritte. Mental complacency
Mental complacency
René Magritte
1950, 46×38 cm
René Magritte. Pure reason
Pure reason
René Magritte
1948, 60×73 cm
René Magritte. The call of the peaks
The call of the peaks
René Magritte
1943, 65×54 cm
René Magritte. Bather between Light and Darkness
Bather between Light and Darkness
René Magritte. The conditions of human existence
The conditions of human existence
René Magritte
1935, 100×81 cm


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