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James Rosenquist. Temporary door
Temporary door
James Rosenquist
1989, 247.7×304.8 cm
Rothko Mark. Untitled
Rothko Mark
1945, 53.5×66.8 cm
Jackson Pollock. Mural
Jackson Pollock
1943, 247×605 cm
Willem de Kuning. Two women near the water
Two women near the water
Willem de Kuning
1963, 49.8×37.1 cm
Gustav Klimt. Kiss
Gustav Klimt
1908, 180×180 cm
George Wesley Bellows. New York
New York
George Wesley Bellows
1911, 106.7×152.4 cm
George Wesley Bellows. Dempsey and Firpo
Dempsey and Firpo
George Wesley Bellows
1924, 129.5×160.6 cm
Norman Rockwell. Triple self portrait
Triple self portrait
Norman Rockwell. Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Norman Rockwell
XX century
Kazimir Malevich. Living in a big hotel
Living in a big hotel
Kazimir Malevich
1914, 108×71 cm
Kazimir Malevich. Lithograph from the album "Suprematism. 34 of drawing"
Lithograph from the album "Suprematism. 34 of drawing"
Kazimir Malevich
1920, 12.4×12.4 cm
Kazimir Malevich. Black Suprematist square
Black Suprematist square
Kazimir Malevich
1915, 79.5×79.5 cm
Wassily Kandinsky. Colorful ensemble
Colorful ensemble
Wassily Kandinsky
1938, 116×89 cm
Wassily Kandinsky. Composition 10
Composition 10
Wassily Kandinsky
1939, 130×195 cm
Wassily Kandinsky. South
Wassily Kandinsky
1917, 72×101 cm
Wassily Kandinsky. Blue sky
Blue sky
Wassily Kandinsky
1940, 100×73 cm
Kazimir Malevich. Composition with Giocondo (Partial Eclipse in Moscow)
Composition with Giocondo (Partial Eclipse in Moscow)
Kazimir Malevich
1914, 62×49.5 cm
Mikhail Vrubel. Water lilies
Water lilies


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