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Edouard Manet. Portrait By Berthe Morisot
Frida Kahlo. Two Nudes in the forest
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Pablo Picasso. Clarinet and violin
Pablo Picasso. Man with crossed hands
Paolo Veronese. The Annunciation
Van Stevenucck th Yeongep Hendrik. Courtyard of a Renaissance Palace
Dirk Huls. Banquet Scene in a Renaissance hall
Jacopo Tintoretto. The Miracle of the Slave. The Miracle of St. Mark
Edouard Manet. In a cafe
In a cafe
Edouard Manet
1881, 32×45 cm
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Edouard Manet. Street singer
Edouard Manet. Portrait of Berthe Morisot with bouquet of violets
Frida Kahlo. A wounded deer
A wounded deer
Frida Kahlo
1946, 22.4×30 cm
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