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Graphics 19-20

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Pablo Picasso. Three dancers
Three dancers
Pablo Picasso
1919, 37.6×32.6 cm
Fritz Bleuil. Winter
Fritz Bleuil
1905, 17×9.9 cm
Christian Rolfs. Lightning
Christian Rolfs. Plot 12
Plot 12
Ferdinand Hodler. Street St George
Street St George
Ferdinand Hodler
Start XX centuries, 46×27 cm
Pablo Picasso. Two naked girls
Two naked girls
Pablo Picasso. Two Nudes
Two Nudes
Pablo Picasso. Self-portrait
Pablo Picasso
1900, 22.5×16.5 cm
Henri Manguin. The view of the Bay of Saint-Tropez
The view of the Bay of Saint-Tropez
Henri Manguin
1904, 19.4×15.2 cm
Théodore Géricault. Sketch of a lion
Sketch of a lion
Théodore Géricault
1821, 10.2×12 cm
Théodore Géricault. Plague
Théodore Géricault
1812, 29.8×49 cm
Fedor Petrovich Tolstoy. Illustration for the poem by I. F. Bogdanovich "Darling". Sheet XXXIII
Illustration for the poem by I. F. Bogdanovich "Darling". Sheet XXXIII
Fedor Petrovich Tolstoy
1829, 40×58 cm
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Seated Nude
Seated Nude
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
1890, 56×46 cm
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Bather
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
1905, 27×21 cm
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Two bathers
Two bathers
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
1895, 26×24 cm
Anders Zorn. Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Anders Zorn
1897, 20×14 cm
Anders Zorn. Reading
Anders Zorn
1893, 23×15 cm
Anders Zorn. A girl with a cigarette
A girl with a cigarette
Anders Zorn
1891, 15×11 cm
Anders Zorn. The storm
The storm
Anders Zorn
1891, 19×13 cm


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