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Ruslan Akmatov
Bishkek, 38 year
As a pillar of Surrealism
Surrealism (Fr. surréalisme) is an avant-garde art movement of the first half of the twentieth century characterized by the fusion of reality with something else, but not oppositional. Surrealism is a dream which is neither real, nor surreal. The style is characterized by allusions and a paradoxical combination of forms, visual deception. In the paintings of the Surrealists hard objects and rocks often melt, and the water, on the contrary, hardens. Read more
, Rene Magritte challenges the audience offering a new way to realize reality. The worlds, which he created on canvas, intrigue and destroy the usual reality. "' ... I had a point of reference which held me elsewhere, namely that magic within art which I had encountered as a child,"  the artist said. The source of his inspiration was the objects and their presentation…

Nikolay Skorobogatko
, 19 October 2018 12:16 PM 0
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