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Georges Barbier, the best

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Georges Barbier. Lady with panther
Lady with panther
Georges Barbier. Greek tragedy
Greek tragedy
Georges Barbier
1917, 24×24 cm
Georges Barbier. Happy day
Happy day
Georges Barbier. Comedy characters
Comedy characters
Georges Barbier
1922, 36.3×80 cm
Georges Barbier. Nijinsky. Faun with grapes
Nijinsky. Faun with grapes
Georges Barbier. Lodge
Georges Barbier. Dance
Georges Barbier. Fashion
Georges Barbier
1924, 25.3×33.9 cm
Georges Barbier. Red and gold
Red and gold
Georges Barbier. Date
Georges Barbier. Lights
Georges Barbier
1925, 15×10 cm
Georges Barbier. Autumn
Georges Barbier
1925, 16×10 cm
Georges Barbier. Lust
Georges Barbier
1924, 17×10 cm
Georges Barbier. Pink and gray
Pink and gray
Georges Barbier
1914, 28×19 cm
Georges Barbier. On the grass
On the grass
Georges Barbier
1923, 35×25 cm
Georges Barbier. Puppets
Georges Barbier
1922, 23×45 cm
Georges Barbier. Fountain and sink
Fountain and sink
Georges Barbier. A party
A party
Georges Barbier
Start XX centuries
Georges Barbier. Parting
Georges Barbier. Vaclav Nezhinsky in the ballet "Ghost Rose"
Vaclav Nezhinsky in the ballet "Ghost Rose"
Georges Barbier
1911, 23×14 cm


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