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Auguste Rodin. Sleep
Auguste Rodin
1894, 48×56 cm
Auguste Rodin. Bust girl with flowers in her hair
Bust girl with flowers in her hair
Auguste Rodin
1870, 49.5×34 cm
Auguste Rodin. Adam
Auguste Rodin
1881, 197×77 cm
Auguste Rodin. The gates of hell
The gates of hell
Auguste Rodin
1890, 635×400 cm
Auguste Rodin. Thinker
Auguste Rodin
1903, 180×145 cm
Auguste Rodin. Monument to Honore de Balzac
Monument to Honore de Balzac
Auguste Rodin
1898, 270×120.5 cm
Auguste Rodin. The Burghers Of Calais
The Burghers Of Calais
Auguste Rodin
1880-th , 217×255 cm


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