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19th century_France_1 half

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Eugene Delacroix. Murder lutische Bishop
Murder lutische Bishop
Eugene Delacroix
1827, 89×119 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Juno and Eolus (sketch)
Juno and Eolus (sketch)
Eugene Delacroix
1856, 61×49 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Abduction of Rebecca II
Abduction of Rebecca II
Eugene Delacroix
1858, 105×82 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Hunting lions
Hunting lions
Eugene Delacroix
1861, 76×98 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Medea
Eugene Delacroix
1862, 165×76 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Portrait Of Paganini
Portrait Of Paganini
Eugene Delacroix
1832, 43×28 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Jewish wedding in Morocco
Jewish wedding in Morocco
Eugene Delacroix
1841, 105×140.5 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Dante and Virgil in Hell (Dante's Boat)
Dante and Virgil in Hell (Dante's Boat)
Eugene Delacroix
1822, 189×242 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Portrait Of Frederic Chopin
Portrait Of Frederic Chopin
Eugene Delacroix
1838, 46×38 cm
Eugene Delacroix. An orphan in the cemetery
An orphan in the cemetery
Eugene Delacroix
1824, 66×54 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Moroccan fantasy
Moroccan fantasy
Eugene Delacroix
1847, 66×81.5 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Death Of Sardanapalus
Death Of Sardanapalus
Eugene Delacroix
1827, 392×496 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Liberty leading the people
Liberty leading the people
Eugene Delacroix
1830, 260×325 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Death Larasa
Death Larasa
Eugene Delacroix
1858, 62×50 cm
Eugene Delacroix. The massacre at Chios
The massacre at Chios
Eugene Delacroix
1824, 417×354 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Hunting lions
Hunting lions
Eugene Delacroix
1861, 69.5×102.5 cm
Eugene Delacroix. Algerian women
Algerian women
Eugene Delacroix
1834, 180×229 cm
Théodore Géricault. Running free horses in Rome (Mossa)
Running free horses in Rome (Mossa)
Théodore Géricault
1817, 45×60 cm
Théodore Géricault. Giaour
Théodore Géricault
1823, 21.1×23.8 cm
Théodore Géricault. Fighting horses
Fighting horses
Théodore Géricault
1820, 21.6×29.5 cm


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