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Edward Munch

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Edward Munch. Head by Head
Head by Head
Edward Munch. Male head in female hair
Male head in female hair
Edward Munch
1896, 55.9×38.8 cm
Edward Munch. Moonrise from Alpha and Omega series
Moonrise from Alpha and Omega series
Edward Munch
1908, 21.7×46.7 cm
Edward Munch. Girl with a heart
Girl with a heart
Edward Munch
1899, 24.9×19.1 cm
Edward Munch. Kiss
Edward Munch
1895, 33×27.7 cm
Edward Munch. Two people. Lonely
Two people. Lonely
Edward Munch. Vampire II
Vampire II
Edward Munch
1902, 38.2×54.5 cm
Edward Munch. The sick child II
The sick child II
Edward Munch
1896, 42.8×57.5 cm
Edward Munch. Next day
Next day
Edward Munch
1895, 115×152 cm
Edward Munch. On waves of love
On waves of love
Edward Munch
1896, 22 cm
Edward Munch. Nude brunette and blonde
Nude brunette and blonde
Edward Munch. Jealousy. From the series "the Green room"
Jealousy. From the series "the Green room"
Edward Munch
1907, 76×98 cm
Edward Munch. Moonlight
Edward Munch
1893, 104.5×135 cm
Edward Munch. The smoke of the train
The smoke of the train
Edward Munch
1900, 84.5×109 cm
Edward Munch. Mother and daughter
Mother and daughter
Edward Munch
1897, 135×163 cm
Edward Munch. Dead mother (sketch)
Dead mother (sketch)
Edward Munch. Voice
Edward Munch
1893, 87.5×108 cm
Edward Munch. Madonna
Edward Munch
1902, 60.5×44.5 cm
Edward Munch. Fertility
Edward Munch. Calvary
Edward Munch
1900, 80×120 cm


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