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Daria S
Daria S
Moscow, 49 years old
René Magritte. Bath in a glass
René Magritte. Spring
Daria S
Daria S
liked the artworks
Claude Monet. Corner of garden in Montgeron
Claude Monet. Levacor, sun and snow
Claude Monet. The Thames at Westminster
Claude Monet. Views of Le Havre
Claude Monet. Bordighera, Italy (detail)
Claude Monet. Hunting (Shot)
Claude Monet. Boats in the port of Honfleur
Claude Monet. Mountain road in Monaco
Claude Monet. Antibes. The view from the SALIS gardens
Claude Monet. Self-portrait in his Studio
Claude Monet. The Bridge, Amsterdam
Claude Monet. Bordighera, Italy
Claude Monet. The Valley Of Falaise
Claude Monet. Bend of the river Epte near Giverny
Claude Monet. The entrance to the port of Trouville
Claude Monet. Red road near Menton
Claude Monet. Garden of the artist in Vetee
Claude Monet. Vétheuil in summer
Claude Monet. Stream Robek in Rouen
Claude Monet. Morning at Etretat
Claude Monet. Vase with flowers
Claude Monet. Southern Church in Amsterdam
Claude Monet. Snow at Argenteuil
Henri Matisse. Fruit and coffee pot
Henri Matisse. Still life with books and candle
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Portrait of Jeanne Samary
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Still life with bouquet
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Still life. Rose of Vagamon
René Magritte. Therapist
René Magritte. Le Principe du Plaisir
René Magritte. Evening dress
Daria S
Daria S
liked the artworks Claude Monet
Claude Monet. The Saint-Lazare station in Paris arrival of a train
Claude Monet. Rouen Cathedral, the portal and the Tour d Alban in the sun
Claude Monet. The Rue Montorgueil in Paris, festival of 30 June 1878
Claude Monet. Grainstack (Sunset)
Claude Monet. Arch to the West from Etretat
Claude Monet. Boulevard des Capucines in Paris
Claude Monet. Seagulls (The River Thames and Houses of Parliament, London)
Claude Monet. The Cliffs at Etretat
Claude Monet. Forty
Claude Monet. Pink-purple irises
Claude Monet. Fisherman's cottage in Varanzhvile
Claude Monet. Bay on the Seine near Argentea
Vincent van Gogh. The branch of a flowering almond
Vincent van Gogh. Starry night
Vincent van Gogh. Pair of shoes
Vincent van Gogh. Night cafe in Arles
Vincent van Gogh. Twelve sunflowers in a vase
Vincent van Gogh. The windmill on Monmatre
Vincent van Gogh. Irises
Vincent van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity
Vincent van Gogh. Wheat field with cypresses (option)
Vincent van Gogh. Peach tree in bloom
Vincent van Gogh. Sunflowers (Vase with fifteen sunflowers)
Vincent van Gogh. The Langlois Bridge
Vincent van Gogh. View of Arles with irises
Vincent van Gogh. Self-portrait
Vincent van Gogh. Sirena restaurant at Asnières
Vincent van Gogh. Vegetable gardens in Montmartre
Vincent van Gogh. Outskirts of Paris near Montmartre
Vincent van Gogh. Vase with red gladioli
Vincent van Gogh. "Moulin de La Galette" (option)