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ILYA Gavrjushev
ILYA Gavrjushev
added artworks Claude Monet to the selection on the wall
Claude Monet. Fisherman's cottage in Varanzhvile
Claude Monet. Stack
Claude Monet. Field of poppies at Argenteuil
Claude Monet. Woman with a parasol (Camille Monet and son Jean)
Claude Monet. Impression. Sunrise
Claude Monet. Boulevard des Capucines in Paris
Claude Monet. Rouen Cathedral, sunset
Claude Monet. Rouen Cathedral
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Camille Pissarro. The Boulevard Montmartre. Afternoon sun
Camille Pissarro. The Boulevard Montmartre sunset
Camille Pissarro. La Rue Saint-Lazare, temps lumineux
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Camille Pissarro. The old market at Rouen
The old market at Rouen
Camille Pissarro
1898, 81.3×65.1 cm

Irina Loshakova
, November 12, 2016 04:39 PM 0
Original   Auto-Translated
Очень нравится Писсарро. Пейзажи великолепны, впрочем натюрморты тоже восхитительны!
Nino Givishvili
, November 13, 2016 02:44 AM 0
Original   Auto-Translated
Прекрасные картины!
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