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Barnett Newman. Achilles
Barnett Newman
1952, 241.6×201 cm
Barnett Newman. The first station
The first station
Barnett Newman
1958, 197.8×153.7 cm
Willem de Kuning. Excavations
Willem de Kuning
1950, 205.7×254.6 cm
Jackson Pollock. Stenographic figure
Stenographic figure
Jackson Pollock
1942, 40×56 cm
Jean Arp. The squares are placed according to the laws of probability
The squares are placed according to the laws of probability
Jean Arp
Wassily Kandinsky. Old town II
Old town II
Wassily Kandinsky
1902, 52×78.5 cm
Robert Delaunay. Synchronous drive
Synchronous drive
Robert Delaunay
1912, 134×134 cm
Frantisek Kupka. The first step
The first step
Frantisek Kupka
1909, 83×129 cm
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari. East Station at night
East Station at night
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari
1902, 44×65 cm
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari. Blooming almonds. Italian landscape
Blooming almonds. Italian landscape
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari
1901, 47×55 cm
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari. Old fisherman
Old fisherman
Tivadar Kostka Chontvari
1902, 59.5×45 cm
Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy. Christ in the desert
Christ in the desert
Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy
1872, 180×210 cm
Camille Corot. Orpheus Leading Eurydice of the Underworld
Orpheus Leading Eurydice of the Underworld
Camille Corot
1861, 112.3×137.1 cm
Camille Corot. Bridge to Narni
Bridge to Narni
Camille Corot
1826, 34×48 cm
Arman Guillaume. Sunset at Ivry
Sunset at Ivry
Arman Guillaume
1873, 65×81 cm
Frederic Leighton. Flaming june
Flaming june
Frederic Leighton
1895, 120×120 cm
Alex Colville. Horse and train
Horse and train
Alex Colville
1954, 40×53.3 cm
John Singer Sargent. Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
John Singer Sargent
1886, 153.8×174 cm
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Rain in an oak forest
Rain in an oak forest
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
1891, 124×204 cm
Edward Hopper. Rooms by the sea
Rooms by the sea
Edward Hopper
1951, 73.7×102 cm


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