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Russia • Rostov-na-Donu • born in 1990 • artist
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Biography and information

Born in the early '90s. In an ordinary family. I started to draw from 3 years old, went to various art circles, graduated from art school and courses of architecture and design. My works were taken to various exhibitions. Further to go to study for the artist was afraid. Although teachers strongly persuaded. This is my main regret. But I haven't stopped drawing to this day. I am self-critical and almost all my works just threw away, handed out, removed out of sight. And only now I am trying to start my art history. From professional artistic activity I have been and still am painting portraits to order and doing wall painting._____________________

- more on the personal side.
i still live in the same city, in Rostov on Don. I dream of living on the sea.i love the sea. I love sunsets. I refer myself to creative people. I paint pictures. I am inspired by the beauty of the world around me. I practice yoga and meditation. I love to read. I prefer informative, developing, esoteric literature. I listen to music every day, I am a fan of electronic genres. I love to take pictures, I take pictures of everything. Someday I will get a Samoyed husky. I would like to become a tattoo master, but I don't dare to give a person even a shot. I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke. I like pizza and grapefruit. I don't have a favorite color. But my favorite flowers are lilies. I like to be alone. I'm an introvert. I believe in reptilians. God and gods. I drink Chinese tea. I was born in spring, so I like it better than winter summer and fall. Aries by zodiac sign, but not typical. Totem animal is an owl. Very much like to drive a car, especially in summer evenings. Would like to drive an old toyota celica. Favorite forever movie - Titanic. There's also a cartoon - Pocahontas. Here's something.