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Wilhelm Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky (William Kotarbinski; 1849−1922) — painter of historical genre; a cousin of the artist Milos Kotarbinsky and theatrical figure and writer Jozef Kotarbinsky.

Being a student of the Academy of fine arts, he received a small gold medal for the painting "Volcano attracts Prometheus to the rock." For the execution of another program ("Patient Prince Pozharsky receives Moscow envoys") is recognized as the class artist 1-th degree. Lived in Rome.

Participated with Vasnetsov in the decoration of the Kiev Cathedral of St. Vladimir. A large picture of the "Roman Orgy" is in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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Wilhelm Kotarbinsky. In Arcadia
In Arcadia
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky
1888, 71×125 cm
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Wilhelm Kotarbinsky. In the monastery
In the monastery
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky
1871, 102.5×61 cm
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