They say in Calais. French fishermen put out to sea, comes a British passenger ship

Joseph Mallord William Turner • Painting, 1803, 172×240 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape, Marina
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1803
Size: 172×240 cm
Artwork in selections: 28 selections

Description of the artwork «They say in Calais. French fishermen put out to sea, comes a British passenger ship»

"They say in the Calla. French fishermen put out to sea, comes a British passenger ship" – not the longest title of a Turner painting, there were more.

The plot is autobiographical, although no fiction has not done. Turner historical accuracy was considered much less important than aesthetic value. In his first trip abroad the ship on which Turner travelled in France, caught in a storm and could not dock at Calais. Turner sat in the boat, which rocked so that the world of art had all the chances of incurring an irreparable loss, but fortunately nothing happened. However, to observe the elements as close as possible was more important than to comply with their own safety away from the raging elements.

In later works, Turner will almost give up the detail in the image hurricanes. Here, people still do not seem so insignificant against the elements, as for example in "The transition of the army of Hannibal across the Alps". The frightened passengers huddled on the deck of the English ship. But accustomed to the fishwife on the pier quietly continue to do their work, not paying attention to the sea. The picture is also interesting that Turner is ironic that in fact, it is not particularly peculiar, humorous details in his work – the exception. But there in the boat enthusiastically fighting a woman and a man, holding a bottle of wine. For revelry they pay even less attention than fishwife.

By the way, Turner was an avid fisherman, very fond of the process and each caught fish was examined carefully to determine whether it is representative enough to have the honor to be numbered among the catch, or it would be better to let her go.

Author: Alain Esaulova