Nikolayevich Benois

Russia • 1852−1936

(14(26).03.1852, Saint-Petersburg — 16.05.1936, Paris, France), the artist, really. member. Acad. of arts (1894). The family of a famous Russian. artists. The End Of St. Petersburg. Acad. of fine arts (1877). From 1885 to Rev. Acad. of arts; 1895 — first. Keeper Rus. Museum; since 1918 — head. Museum of decorative art; since 1924 — in exile. Org-R (1870), before. and honor. member. General VA Rus. watercolorists. Uch-to exp. GEOL. in-TA (PG.) . Wittenburg P. V. on Kola. Peninsula (1920). By mn. watercolor landscapes, including a series of landscapes of the coast of the Barents. M. Collection of watercolour paintings stored in the Museum of the history of research and development in Europe. S. Russia, KSC RAS in Apatity.

Vol.: My memories: 5 kN. — M., 1993.

Lit.: Bondarenko V. North in the Russian painting // the North. — 1978. — No. 12; Severyukhin dy, Leikind O. L., Makhrov K. W. artists of the Russian Diaspora. — SPb., 1999.

(Source: Kola encyclopedia)

(1852, St. Petersburg. – 1936, L e-Les-Roses, near Paris) Painter, watercolorist, architect. The elder son of architect Nicholas Leontyevich Benois. Academician of the Imperial Academy of arts (1884), member of the Imperial Academy of arts (1893).


In 1871-1877 he studied at the Imperial Academy of arts at the architectural Department at A. Rezanova, D. Grimm, after which he received the title of class artist 1-th degree. He studied watercolor under Professor L. O., Premazzi, was influenced by the watercolorist E. C. Villiers de l'isle-Adana. Participant of academic exhibitions from 1874. Founding member of the Circle of Russian watercolorists (1880, 1887 - the Society of Russian aquarellists); member of the Board in 1887-1897; 1897 honorary member. A pensioner IAH in Italy, France, Spain, visited Algeria, Tunisia and London (1883-1885).


Among the architectural works: residence of C. A. Cavos in Peterhof (1875-1876; not preserved), the neo-Renaissance facade of the mansion of E. F. Molwo (1880-1881), the main façade of Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor (1886-1887; old view returned in 1944-48). In 1899-1905 provided technical supervision of construction of the Polytechnical Institute of Forest (architect E. F. Wirrich).


In 1880-1890-ies was accompanied by the family of Alexander III during the summer cruises in Russia. In 1895-1901 - curator of the Russian Museum. From 1918 he headed the Museum of applied arts of the Commissariat of trade and industry.


The author of the series of landscapes of the environs of Petersburg, the Caucasus, the Volga region, Turkestan, Egypt, Siberia, China, Japan. In Europe, frequently visited France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden. In 1920 he participated in the expedition of Petrograd geological Institute, Murmansk (Kola) Peninsula, Rybachy Peninsula in the East. In the works continued the academic tradition. Pianist-improviser.


From 1924 he lived in Paris. In 1926 became a member of the Paris Academy of arts.


He taught watercolor painting at the Imperial Academy of arts (1885-1905); member of the academic Council (between 1894 and 1905). Observed the teaching of drawing at the technical schools of the Ministry of Finance.


Among children, artists Camilla Albertovna Benois (Horvath; 1878-1953), albert Albertovich Benois.

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