Interactive exhibition about relationships "5 languages of love"

展览 7 十二月 2023 − 7 五月
Russia's first interactive exhibition about relationships will open at Vinzavod

An interactive exhibition about relationships "5 Love Languages" by artist-researcher Olga Scherbakova will open at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. While viewing the exhibition, guests will undergo a study and receive information about their psychotype and love language according to Gary Chapman's theory.

The concept of the exposition is based on the idea of a visitor's journey through all the zones, where ten multimedia installations with the use of a sound guide and a mobile application are installed. Each zone with the objects of the exhibition corresponds to one of the five languages of love: words and compliments, gifts, time, care, tactility.

The exhibition aims to inspire viewers to a new level of awareness of the depth and quality of love relationships in the context of contemporary art.

"As an artist, I create interactive worlds, and as a researcher, I add topics relevant to people to these worlds. Currently, the topic I am exploring is relationships, the most important and integral part of every person's life. Often, even when in a couple, a person feels lonely, and it is this problem that I explored while working on the exhibition. Today our exhibition is designed to help everyone create harmonious relationships or move to a better level in existing ones," says Olga Scherbakova, the exhibition's creator.

About the author:

Olga Scherbakova is a research artist, producer and author of the exhibition "RESET - start from zero" at the M'ARS Center for Contemporary Art. In her work, she borrows event plots from anthropology and ancient scientific sources, then reproduces mystical systems on a huge scale in an abstract manner, making installations.

For visitors, the exhibition will begin on December 8 and will run for six months.