Alekseevich Stepanov

Russia • Rostov-na-Donu • born in 1977 • artist
Architect, artist, icon painter.
Instructor of applied and special types of hand-to-hand combat.
Head of the organization.

Rostov Art School named after M.B. Grekov.
Service OMRP Special Forces of Russia.
Faculty of Architecture DonNACA. (Red diploma. Postgraduate student.)
Icon painting department at the Don Theological Seminary.
Management Academy.

The icon-painting works presented on my page are made in the Russian and Byzantine canonical styles.
Evangelical simplicity without unnecessary embellishment is the main style of icon painting.
In any case, an icon is always a shrine, no matter in what picturesque manner it may be executed.
Any icon - be it a temple, dimensional, family, wedding - is not only interior decoration, it is, first of all, a pictorial image of a saint, which is designed to dispose the believer to prayer.
The circle of my interests is not limited only to icon painting. Graphics, painting, sculpture of small forms - fill creativity with air, fresh ideas and novelty, not allowing to stay in a confined space.
I will be glad if you like the works presented on this page.
Best regards, Gennady.

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