Biography and information

Robert Rauschenberg (eng. Robert Milton Ernest Rauschenberg October 22, 1925, Port Arthur, USA – may 12, 2008, Captiva island, USA) – American artist, collagist and schedule, one of the leading representatives of neodadaista. Born in a small town in Texas in a family of strict morals. Since childhood, drawing, copying images from comic books, although parents did not approve of his Hobbies. After school he began to study pharmacology, but was expelled from the University, refused to dissect a frog. After the Second World war, during which he worked in the hospital, Rauschenberg studied painting at various art schools, including the académie Julian in Paris. The artist for several years was in a romantic and fruitful creative relationship with a colleague Jasper Johns. The flowering of its popularity came after 1963, when at the Jewish Museum in new York held a retrospective exhibition. A year later, he received the main prize of the Venice Biennale. In the 80s a lot of traveling, studying the art and craft traditions of different countries.

Features artist Robert Rauschenberg: his first assemblages began to create while traveling through Europe with CY Twombly. Since 1953, experimenting with combinations of different textures on a single canvas, he creates paintings with elements of collage, using newspaper clippings. Throughout his career, Rauschenberg used in his works references to important contemporary events and elements of popular culture. He often combines screen printing, magazine clippings and household items.

Famous works of Robert Rauschenberg: "Erased de Kooning drawing", "Bed", "Canyon", "Retroactive".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov