Johann Heinrich

Switzerland • 1741−1825
The artist Johann Heinrich Fussli (1741-1825) is known as the author of a series of paintings on the theme of a nightmare. The names of the paintings correspond to the depicted subjects. English and Swiss painter, theorist and art historian, he is considered one of the main innovators of painting of the 18th and 19th centuries by the Work of John Henry Fussli, along with the paintings by William Blake are the early manifestations of romanticism in English art.
The artist's work is a mystical fantasy with an element of theatricality and of rationality, the unexpected allegorical images, it is not clear to the average viewer, the darkness of the background, from which are born the heroes of his paintings.
Names of famous paintings of Johann Heinrich:
• "Nightmare";
• "The sleeping and the furies";
• "Snag" and others.
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