Aleksandrovich Ladyzhensky

Russia • 1853−1916

1852, Kologriv, Kostroma province — 1916)

Studied at the Imperial Academy of arts in the category of architecture since 1870 Received medals: in 1874 - a small silver; in 1878 - a large silver; in 1879 - the title of class artist of 2 degrees in painting.

In 1872, prepared drawings and watercolor types of churches of the XVI century in Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Nizhny Novgorod. Later was a student of Professor Baron Mikhail Klodt in the landscape painting. He taught at the drawing school of the Odessa society of fine arts (1884). In 1910, the title of academician. Worked as oil paints and watercolors. Of his paintings are: "the Railway bridge on the river Maritsa, occupied the vanguard of the army 4 Jan 1878", "Barbarski bridge and station on the R. Serret occupied the 29th Dragoons regiment on the day of Declaration of war with the Turks in 1877", "Otava in the desert", "Fishermen" (in the Tretyakov gallery, Moscow), "Chickens" (ibid.), "In St. Petersburg" (ibid.) and "Early spring". Among the students of G. A. Ladyzhenskaya — Yu R. Bershad etc.

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