Sergeevich Zevakin

Russia • born in 1926

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR (Russia) since the 1960s, Painter. Honored artist of the RSFSR (1980), people's artist of the Russian Federation (1998).

Born April 1, 1926, at the station of Topki, Kemerovo region. Worked as a graphic designer in Kemerovo Electromechanical plant (1946-1947) and the Kemerovo regional partnership "Artist" (1947-1953). Went to the House of creativity "Hot key" (1948, 1949). She studied at the Yaroslavl art school (1951-1952., not finished) G. I. Darjina in the Penza art College named. K. A. Savitsky (1953-1956) at A. S. Churilova. Creative debut V. S. Savkina in his student years became the Republican exhibition "Artists of RSFSR" (Moscow, 1954). Return to Kemerovo worked at the local branch of the Art Fund of the RSFSR. Regularly traveled to the House of creativity of "Hot key" (1957, 1958), named by D. I. Kardovsky (1957-1959), "Baikal" (1959, 1985, 1986), "Academic dacha" in the name of I. E. Repin (1961-1967), "Old Ladoga" (1972). In 1972 the first of the Kemerovo artists settled in the village of Ivanovka of the krapivinsky district, Kemerovo region, where he lives and works several months a year.

Once selecting for themselves the landscape motif, it still remains utterly loyal to him.

Painting of Viktor Sergeyevich powerful, strong, epic, beautiful. There is a feeling that he sees the earth as a living being. Favorite themes of landscape Siberian wooden house with carved architraves, hills, piled on each other. Many views were painted in the North of Russia - in Pskov, Novgorod, on lake Ladoga. The artist loves to portray Tobolsk.

Zevakin not only wants to talk about the beauty of who she is, he tries to Express his view, his sense of nature. So the artist often something throws from what he saw, adds something of their own, sometimes dreams. External reliability gives way to the inner essence. The paintings of Viktor Sergeyevich, as a rule, cheerful. It can be almost any parts of nature in different moments of their lives... Laughing colours of spring, full of bliss and praising the sun summer landscapes, autumn trees, like the feathers of a Firebird, strong and rosy in the sunset village houses, solemn silhouettes of Russian churches. But along with these paintings there are others: sleepy cloudy area of the village, winter landscape with a gray horizon, sad grove and lead the water... Zevakin Often drawn to still life, and almost always he takes still life in close connection with the landscape.

Creative journeys: Altai (1963), Salekhard, Tobolsk, Khanty-Mansiysk (1970-1974), Staraya Ladoga, Torzhok, lake Baikal.

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